Escape from Monkey Island

Escape from Monkey Island Free Download PC Game in full repack or pre-installed version. Escape from Monkey Island was released on November 9, 2000.

About This Game

Entertaining point-and-click Escape from Monkey Island , made with 3D visualization, will take you on a real pirate journey. The protagonist will be surprised more than once by what is happening, because the whole pirate world seemed to him not the way he imagined it. Guybrush Threepwood has returned home from their honeymoon trip. Upon their return, they learned that Elaine Marley – the wife – had been pronounced dead. The entire current government decided to appoint a new mayor, and he, in turn, decided to demolish her home.

Suddenly, Charles appears for the main character, who is running for governor. He helps a young family, and asks Elaine to send her husband to Profit Island so that he can find lawyers for one family who can help impose a ban on the demolition of the estate. When the protagonist arrives on this island, he sees that the foundations have changed a lot throughout the West Indies. Pirate establishments were closed, and later bought out by one businessman. The only open place is Voodoo Lady, there is a bar here – Skamm. Everything else has become proverbial entertainment for tourists who would like to see real pirates.

In this struggle for the cultural heritage and the authority of the pirates, we will have to fight, while at the same time reclaiming our own home. While our wife solves problems on her home island, we will fight bribes and a criminal businessman on Profit Island. Unlike previous games, here you will only use the keyboard. You have to not just control the characters with the help of clicks, but directly control only Guybrush. When the protagonist approaches a character or object, he turns his head towards him – a choice of action appears.

Quite interesting, but incredibly funny point-and-click – Escape from Monkey Island is a story about Guybrush Threepwood, who returned home with his wife to the island of Meley. Our heroes learn that Elaine – Guybrush’s wife – is dead according to the documents, and the people have elected a new governor, who decided to demolish the house of our heroes. Many changes shock our hero. For example, all pirate establishments were sold to one businessman, and the surviving houses became under the yoke of the government.

The whole plot is based on the fact that you, together with the new team and your wife, will beat off all the property from the new businessman, but you will have to solve his complex puzzles, riddles, and also not fall for his logical bait and not become his slave. Gradually, you will capture new establishments and give them into the possession of your team, but when you sail to the island of “Profits”, you will not be helped by the lawyers you decide to turn to for help. The plot will unfold before you from the other side. The developers decided to switch to a new system – GrimE. Now you can use the keyboard as a control, but not the mouse. You now control Guybrush instead of specifying a location. Therefore, Escape from Monkey Island has acquired a role-playing character. You can select items using the classic Enter.

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System Requirements

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  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.0c and 256 MB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: 16-bit sound card
  • Additional Notes: Mouse, Keyboard


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