Here’s our Frequently Ask Questions Page. You can use this for fast answers for your game problems and questions.

Q: I am having error or missing dll and my game wont start what’s the problem?
A: If you hit any missing dll like Xaudio*.dll or d3d*.dll etc. You need to install DirectX

Q: Why the Game wont start because of missing PhysX.dll?
A: If you hit error on missing PhysX.dll, install PhysX (Even if you have a ATI card, you still need PhysX)

Q: Why the game wont start with wrong or general protection side to side configuration?
A: If you hit side to side configuration is wrong or general protection, install VC++ 2005/2008/2010 depend on your OS version.

Q: Why Windows Live wont let me play a game?
A: Games For Windows Live keep login, you need to create local/offline profile.

Q: Why my game doesnt start and it tells me that xlive.dll is missing?
A: Missing xlive.dll, install Games for Windows Live