Half-Life: Opposing Force Expansion

Half-Life: Opposing Force is an expansion pack for science fiction first-person shooter computer game Half-Life by Valve Software. Half-Life: Opposing Force was developed by Gearbox Software and Valve Corporation and published by Sierra Entertainment on November 1, 1999.

Half-Life: Opposing Force returns to the same setting as Half-Life, but instead it shows the events from the perspective of a U.S. Marine, one of the enemy characters in the original game. The player character, Adrian Shephard, is sent in to neutralize the Black Research Facility in when an accident causes to scientific invaded by aliens, but quickly finds that the Marines are outnumbered and slowly gain back half of extraterrestrial race and black operations units.

Half-Life: Opposing Force ScreenShots:

Half-Life Opposing Force Full Free Game Image 01

Half-Life Opposing Force Full Free Game Image 02

Half-Life Opposing Force Full Free Game Image 03

Minimum System Requirements
Minimum CPU Type: Pentium
Minimum CPU Speed: 133 MHz
Minimum RAM Required: 24 MB
Minimum Hard Disk Space: 200 MB
Graphics Type: SVGA
Graphics Resolution: Multiple Resolutions
Color Depth: 16

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Half-Life: Opposing Force Download Link:

File Size: 971.77 Megs
File Format: ISO’s
Half-Life: GOTY w/ Complete Expansion Free Download

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