The Sims 2: Seasons

The Sims 2: Seasons is the fifth expansion pack for The Sims 2, the best selling life simulation video game. The Sims 2: Seasons was developed by Maxis and publish by EA Games which was released on March 1, 2007 in North America, followed by the European release on March 2, 2007. Aspyr released an operating system Mac OS X port of the game in June 2007.

The Sims 2: Seasons enhances gameplay, adding seasons and mechanical weathering. Each season lasts about five days and sim brings with it new challenges and game options. A new species of plant known as sim-sim is also added. Operate using different mechanics in normal sims. The expansion pack introduced a new neighborhood called Riverblossom Hills. Like the previous games, it has a story, but not linear gameplay.

The Sims 2: Seasons ScreenShots:

The Sims 2 Seasons Image 01

The Sims 2 Seasons Image 02

The Sims 2 Seasons Image 03

Minimum System Requirements
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
1.3GHz Processor
The Sims 2 for Windows
8X CD-ROM Drive
1.5GB Hard Disk Space
32MB ATi Radeon 8500 or nVidia GeForce2 class Video Card
DirectX 9.0c
DirectX compatible Sound Card

The Sims 2: Seasons Download Link:

File Size: 713.72 Megs
File Format: ISO File
The Sims 2: Seasons Free Download
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  1. Works fine and is simple to install. here is what i did:
    Step 1:Install the expansion on a different computer with either Win XP or 7 and there too it will ask you to update, let it do it. It will probably update without a problem. NOW,
    Step 2: Go to the installation folder e.g. C:Program FilesEaGamesThe Sims2…
    From the above location copy the TS bin and The Other TS.. folder(both will be around 2-3 GB)
    Step 3: Copy these files in the installation folder on the computer where you are having trouble updating. From now on the update will start and then say that “You game is updated” and your season or any other expansion will be installed.

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