The Sims 3

Please note that you need uTorrent to download the game.
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    • we have tested this on win7 and it is working… if you encounter any problems let us know we are willing to help…

  1. If I have the disc version of the main game, and some expansions, but want to add other versions as this crack, can it be done, or do I have to download everything?

    • Hi Shane G,
      We haven’t tested that way… you can try but make sure you backup your original game before doing anything. (to back up: you will need to copy and paste on somewhere you will easily find the files you need to replace.)

  2. The game doesn’t play. When i try to open it, i only see a black screen for 5 seconds, then the program closses. As far as I know, I installed it the right way. Also I blocked TS3 from my firewall.

    Please help, what did I do wrong?

    • Have you replaced the crack to the installation dir? make sure you have done all the Install Notes given to make the game work.

  3. I have mount it, then verify it with keygen, then install and click the sims 3 but after the game loading Disc Authorization Failure says “We are unable to verify that your disc is valid to copy of The Sims 3. please contact costumer service” what’s wrong with it? -PLEASE REPLY ASAP

  4. I feel sick with this complicated, so many other website that free to download, but I trust in you guys! please help

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