Torrent not downloading?

Do not panic, the magnet link may not download for several reasons:

1. The game has recently been released and there are many more distributors who want to download the game. In this case, it is worth waiting for users who want to download the game to start distributing it. Just put the client game on the torrent download and wait for the download to start.

2. The game is old or not very popular. It’s already more difficult here, you can wait a while, but you can also try to download another repack or a pirate from the Additional distributions section or set the download for the night. Sooner or later it will download. And the problem here is not in our site that there is no initial download, but depends only on users.

3. Broken download link. These are very rare cases on our site, one might say unique, because we monitor the relevance of distributions, but if you still notice such a torrent, you can report it in the comments under the game and we will quickly fix everything as a matter of priority.