Solution to the problems

Solving typical problems when installing repacks and launching games.

Are there viruses in games/repacks?
We do not distribute any kind of malware that can harm your PC. We do not need it, we develop the site daily and try to make it better.

But very often Antivirus or Windows Defender reacts to some hacking methods or completely removes the mechanism itself, keep this in mind. We advise you to disable them before downloading/installing.
[lightweight-accordion title=”Thoughts on Antivirus in general:”]

Modern AV paranoids. They usually see the danger in safe files and miss real malware. This is more relevant for compressed/protected software and hacks, especially from Chinese groups like 3DM.

It may seem intimidating, but in the real world, there is NO ANTI-VIRUS that will protect you from modern trojans, bitcoin miners and things like that. In most cases, malicious applications will not be blocked, and absolutely safe programs will be like false positives. And since AVs usually run silently without even notifying you of locked files, you’ll wonder why the installer isn’t working or why the game won’t launch.

One of AV’s biggest drawbacks is their silent mode, where ALL open files, even non-executable ones, are scanned on the fly. This mode can slow down a fast install by up to HOURS, because each unpacked file will be checked by the AVs engine. Complicated repacks do a lot of reads/writes on the hard drive, and it’s not fast on its own, but when combined with AV, it will take a lot of time.

The best antivirus is your brain. Do not download suspicious software, do not open attachments in your email, update your browser, disable Flash and Java. This will protect you from 99% of potential malware. You can use a virus scanner in manual scanning mode even on a daily basis, then you will realize that AV is really useless.

One more thing – NEVER trust only one antivirus. False positives appear more often than any real virus. Upload any suspicious file to before taking action.

If you still need AV for scanning, I would go with Dr.Web or ESET tools that work in VERBOSE mode and don’t kill activation automatically.[/lightweight-accordion]

Make sure you have completed the following steps

Make sure that your Windows username does not contain Russian or other non-Latin letters – only Latin letters and numbers are allowed
Many games and cracks (especially the newest CODEX) do not work properly if the path to the game contains non-Latin characters. Also, complex repacks can use additional software, which can also crash when working in a folder with the username “VASYA”. So change your username once and for all. Or, even better, create a new user with a Latin name in Windows and switch to it completely. This way the folder name will be correct and all the above programs and hacks will work.

Rehash the downloaded torrent!
Torrents download content in blocks. Sometimes some blocks are loaded with errors. Obviously, if you try to unpack data from a damaged archive, nothing good will happen. So rehash. This procedure checks each downloaded block for completion. Broken blocks will be automatically installed for reloading.
[lightweight-accordion title=”Steps for rehashing in uTorrent (other clients are very similar):”]

Open qbittorrent or uTorrent and select the downloaded repack
Stop the download
Press the right mouse button and select “Force re-check” (Force re-check)

Once the rehash is complete, it will either be 100% (GOOD, OK TORRENT) or incomplete (e.g. 99.8%). In this case, start that torrent again and let it finish. Then repeat again to make sure you’re done NOW.[/lightweight-accordion]

Disable UAC – set to minimum (Never notify)
UAC (User Account Control) is another system that “protects” you from suspicious software. This might be somewhat useful for complete newbies who are seeing a PC for the first time in their lives, but if you are uploading repacks here, I think you are most likely not complete beginners.

Complex repacks require running different (de)compressors from the User Temp folder. The default UAC settings restrict the execution of these files by stopping the installer.

Make sure you have enough virtual memory (paging file)
Make sure your virtual memory (paging file) is at least as large as your physical memory, preferably twice as much.

If you have 4 GB of RAM, set the virtual memory to 8 GB (custom size: set initial and maximum size to 8192).

If you have 8 GB of RAM, set the virtual memory to 16 GB (custom size: set initial and maximum size to 16384).

If you have 16 GB of RAM, set the virtual memory to 16 GB as well (custom size: set initial and maximum size to 16384)

If you have 32 GB of RAM, set the virtual memory to 8 GB as well (custom size: set initial and maximum size to 8192) just in case.

Don’t set “System Managed Size” because it’s slower. A fixed VM size is the most efficient setting.

[lightweight-accordion title=” Why is virtual memory important?”]

When executed, any EXE file in Windows requests a certain amount of memory from the OS Memory Manager. If there is enough free RAM, the application will get it. If the VM is not present and the free memory is below the application’s request, you will see a crash. VM (also called pagefile) is a RAM imitation that saves you that kind of trouble. The application does not know if it has received RAM or virtual memory. With a large VM file, you won’t usually see memory-related crashes. Slowdown (slowdown of hard disk access) – of course.[/lightweight-accordion]

Run the installation with Windows 7 compatibility
If you are using Windows 10 and have missing file errors or something like that, run setup.exe with Windows 7 compatibility. And run it as administrator.

Run the installation in safe mode
Some antiviruses cannot be completely disabled and will delete necessary files even if you think you have disabled them. In this case, restart your computer in safe mode and install again. And no software will interrupt the installation process.

Make sure the target drive has enough free space
DO NOT ignore the “Not enough disk space” message if the installer says so. It is also recommended NOT to install repacks on disks that have only a few gigabytes of free space left. When installing a game with low memory, the installer may eat more free space than specified.

Disable any heavy load on the target disk
If you have active torrents on the same physical drive you install the game to and that drive is not an SSD – expect a REALLY LONG installation. Any application that creates a constant heavy load on your disk will drive you crazy during installation.

Try installing the game NOT on drive C : OR specifically on drive C :
The Windows rights system is a complex thing. If you are not a confident administrator on your OS, some folders/drives may be restricted for your account. Sometimes the game cannot be installed on C:, only on other drives, and sometimes the opposite, only on the system drive. And, of course, do not install games in the Program Files\Program Files (x86) folders. This folder usually has the most limited permissions.

See if there is an unarc.dll file in the Windows system folder (and deeper). If it exists, remove it.

Run the installer with rights, as shown in the picture (“Properties” menu when you right-click on the file)