The Sims: House Party

The Sims: House Party is the second expansion pack for The Sims released April 2, 2001 in North America. The Sims: House Party gives players the ability and facilities to hold parties and gatherings in the homes of their Sims. House Party was reissued in October 2002, to celebrate the release of The Sims Deluxe Edition and match box covers Hot Date and Vacation expansion packs.

The Sims: House Party Features:
New objects: Catering tables, Dance floors, Themed bars, turntables and fireplaces, Campfire, DJ booth

New NPCs: Dancers: Buy a large cake, and hidden inside is a party dancer, they are sexy, both male and female. But if a kid is at home, a gorilla will appear instead. They will flirt with your Sims, married or single! Drew Carey: He will appear if you’re throwing a great party. He will go to your home by a limousine. Ghosts: Have a creative Sim tell a good story around the campfire, and a ghost might appear! Mime: Throwing a bad party? The mime is here to crash the party and try to make it better. Beware of his hands, though, as he will steal items from your home! Caterer: Hire a caterer to keep the plates full at the debutante ball. Party crashers: Pete or Paulette might drop in when a party starts getting good.

New building themes: Western country saloons, Hawaiian TikiThe electronic rave.

Other new features: House party: Sims can throw a party, and invite a large number of Sims to his or her house. New Soundtrack Music: Rap, Techno, Country Dance, Beach, and Disco. New costumes: From togas to beachwear, all are available if your Sims wanted to throw a Greek party or beach party. Roasting marshmallows, sing, and tell ghost stories with a campfire. DJ booths, dance floors, buffet table and many more new objects!

The Sims: House Party ScreenShots:

The Sims House Party Image 01

The Sims House Party Image 02

The Sims House Party Image 03

Minimum System Requirements
Windows 95/98
The Sims or The Sims Deluxe Edition
Pentium 233MHz Processor
4X CD-ROM Drive
255MB Hard Disk Space
16-bit DirectX compatible Video Card
DirectX compatible Sound Card
DirectX 7.0

The Sims: House Party Download Link:

File Size: 2.01 Gigs
File Format: .RAR
The Sims Complete Colection Download Link

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